Feb 26

Is it still February?
Is it still February? avatar

Shocking I know. It’s still winter. I probably check 10 times a day, and the month stubbornly won’t move along any faster. If you live in the middle or north eastern part of North America, you know exactly what I’m going through. It’s tough isn’t it? For the most part we don’t mind our winters – just a little grumbling before getting our skates out – but this is the worst in a decade for cold and snow. Every single Monday has begun with a snowstorm to jazz up my commute. I am just about ready to dive for the cover of the south . . . if I could be certain I wouldn’t bring the snow with me.

So, I have been looking for ways to make spring feel like it’s on the way. For that, I took up planting from seed. Normally I buy some plants in May, pop them in containers and I’m good for the summer. But I felt I needed to play in the dirt now so ordered some seeds this time. I LOVE petunias, and I found it so hard to choose from the website, that I ordered one of everything…. can’t have too much color right? Those of you in the know are laughing already. I now have 440 petunias in trays of peat pots all over my house with 20 packages still to go. Heaven help me if they all germinate and I have to find homes for them!!! Still, a more pleasant problem than shovelling snow

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Nov 27

Pornography and Prostitution
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I woke up today with a puzzle knocking around my head. How is it possible that “acting” in pornography is legal (some places), and yet prostitution is not? Women, (or men I suppose) get paid to have sex in both cases. Some participant – be it a john or a viewer, is paying for sexual gratification / stimulation. So how exactly does one get to be legal and regulated for safety, and the other is demonized?

No I’m not looking for a career change just yet, but since I read the following article, I just couldn’t get it out of mind from Vocative.com – (my favorite new news source)

Happy Hooker – Confessions of a Satisfied Sex Worker

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Nov 24

A baby step for Iran away from nuclear proliferation?
A baby step for Iran away from nuclear proliferation? avatar

Breaking news today, finally a step towards agreement on nuclear proliferation by Iran. Since Iranian President Rouhani came into power a few months ago there have been positive sounding efforts to reach out to the international community. Now, after a decade of concern regarding Iranian nuclear proliferation, Iran has inked a 6-month deal with the US, Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany.

The Deal- Iran:
- dilutes stockpile of uranium enriched to 20% (on the way to nuclear bomb capability at 90%)
- halts all enrichment above 5% (all that’s needed for civilian electricity)
- stop work on Arak heavy-water reactor (plutonium source)
- daily inspections by the IAEA

The Deal – UN Security Council:
- no new sanctions against Iran
- some relief from current sanctions on oil and gold

    The Good, The Bad.

Good: first positive step forward in a decade long standoff. Even if Iran was planning to build a nuclear bomb, perhaps the severe sanctions have finally convinced them it just isn’t worth it to be outside the economic community. For the rest of us, peace in the middle east = cheaper gas.

Bad: lots of ifs – only time will tell if it’s smoke and mirrors again. Also, No trust. Israel in particular feels the new Iranian President Rouhani is cleverly lulling the world into believing it does not have murderous intent towards Israel. This is damaging the US-Iraeli relationship. Many U.S. citizens, already feeling betrayed by President Obama, think this is an empty PR move.

What do you think. . . . too soon to tell?

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Nov 21

Best Inventions
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This week’s issue of TIME Nov. 25th has a list of the 25 best inventions of 2013. This is a favorite feature of mine, I love inventions and all new things.

What caught my eye:
The Mission R – electronic motorcycle that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds with light as air handling

The Atlas Robot – designed to mimic humans and act in disaster response and emergency recovery situations. Very cool, but with military funding? I doubt being helpful to humans is the only agenda for the future of the Atlas Robot.

Waterless Fracking – despite the fact that fracking allows us to reach hard to access fuel, I couldn’t get behind it because of the waste of water. 10 years water will likely be more precious than oil. Enter Canadian company GasFrac which uses geled liquid petroleum instead of water.

All very cool inventions, and of course there are so many more. I remain fascinated by the 3-D printer though.
Always interested in the new….. hear of anything? Let me know.

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Nov 19

Someone at Naked News voted for Rob Ford !!
Someone at Naked News voted for Rob Ford !! avatar

….. and I thought I knew Peyton, she sits next to me at the makeup counter and just today, I saw a whole new side of her! Today’s wrap up on Naked News
was Kat, Peyton and myself discussing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the recent stripping of his powers by council.

We here at Naked News have been very restrained, keeping our conversations about “Mayor” Rob Ford off camera – except for May 2013 when the scandal first broke about the then elusive crack video. For the record, at the time I stated firmly that yes I believed the Toronto Star and Gawker reports that the crack video was real.

Rob Ford has now been going to American media outlets, presumably because he feels the local media is biased. I happen to think the media’s relentless pursuit of the truth just gets in Ford’s way, given his deep seated need to create his own alternate reality.

Something to watch as Ford continues his antics, he is relentlessly pursuing his own goals with no thought to who he hurts. Rob Ford caused the circus with his many denials and lies. Rob Ford pushes his way to his goal (instead of the path of least resistance) knocking people down in a crowded hall. Rob Ford impulsively charges something/someone? at council yesterday and knocks a woman down. Sure he’s sorry about results, just not enough to practice impulse control before launching himself towards something he wants.

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Nov 18

Interview with Mr. Skin this Sunday!
Interview with Mr. Skin this Sunday! avatar

Just last week I mentioned I had a fantastic interview with Mr. Skin of the celebrity nude website. If you have heard him on Howard Stern or other radio spots you already know that guy only does do fantastic interviews. It helps to be deeply passionate about your subject, which Mr. Skin clearly is!

If you want to check out his website, you can find mrskin.com on our website Naked News. There’s plenty of free stuff there to keep you occupied, but I recommend getting the membership. It’s not that much, and the wealth of material is so well organized and fun to browse, the membership fee is certainly worth it.

Quick recap, MrSkin.com is a website that shows all the clips where TV and Film actresses have been nude. As they say, “fast forwarding to the good parts since 1999″. I couldn’t believe just how much was there, and I do keep going back for more as it is highly entertaining! So watch my interview with Mr. Skin on the Schmooze this Sunday November 24th at Naked News.

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Nov 15

No I don’t have the faintest idea what I am doing . . . .
No I don’t have the faintest idea what I am doing . . . . avatar

Okay it’s time I finally admit it. I. Need. Help. Sure WordPress LOOKS easy – and watching Kat Curtis fly all around her site katherinecurtis.com tweaking it, polishing it, for some people it IS easy. For me, not so much. I have succeeded in changing the background – as you can see. But in fact I was trying to change the video on the right hand side. Now I am a fan of “Walk off the Earth” and I do wish them every success (which predicted they would achieve a couple of years ago). I would however, love to move on to other video offerings, or maybe add a current picture.

So forgive me for now, as I figure out how this works, I do plan for a more visually interesting site – but I am pretty much guessing – hopefully I don’t accidentally obliterate all the content.

However, if that indeed happens – you can always find me at Naked News


Nov 14

Rob Ford – our Mayor is willing to hurt people
Rob Ford – our Mayor is willing to hurt people avatar

Ok I just can’t stand it. I had promised myself not to post anymore about the Toronto Mayor – you all know his name by now. And while I will not go over the details (because they are published everywhere) I DO have to weigh in and say, after watching the day-long (wasted) council meeting on November 13th I was horrified to see in action what thugs Rob and Doug Ford truly are. Heaven help us if Doug really does, and he says he will, make a play for provincial politics.

The latest, now that a judge ordered redacted documents released, is we have seen the police interviews with Toronto City Hall staffers, and a waiter. I would like to point out that none of these people gave this information directly to the media, they were cooperating with police and NOT looking for attention.

Rob Ford announced this morning that he was suing those staffers and the waiter, for what they said in those police interviews about his drinking and driving, drug use and associates etc. So, this thug will threaten and bully people with less money and power.

He is perfectly willing to personally hurt his own constituents – how can that be suitable behavior for a Mayor? A dictator maybe. Perhaps it’s the influence of hanging with gangs that he feels justified in what I call legal violence, retribution through the court system. He’s a rich man, suing people who are not. Unless you have a gang mentality, cooperating with police does not make you a rat.

I am increasingly becoming saddened and fearful for Toronto the city, Rob Ford stopped being entertaining some time ago. Please Rob Ford, stop holding others hostage and shoulder the burden for your own mistakes like an adult – if not an elected official.

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